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Federal Estimating offers comprehensive metals estimating services to builders, fabricators, framers, distributors, and other construction businesses. Our material takeoff process ensures reliable and authenticated data, facilitating cost reduction, waste prevention, and environmental protection. Furthermore, our competent structural steel estimating services provide accurate measurements and cost projections, helping you to plan and execute projects efficiently. With our in-depth knowledge and technical expertise, we can provide you with customized estimates to fit your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you streamline your metals estimating process.

Streamline the Estimation Procedure

Our specialized team of experts handles material takeoffs accurately and efficiently, enabling you to send out more bids, reduce waste, save money, and optimize your time. By leveraging our services, you can stay on budget and increase productivity, as specific tasks are automated, freeing up your team to focus on other critical areas.

Metal Building Materials

No more worrying about accurate estimates for metallic building materials with Federal Estimating. Our skilled estimators can assist you with everything from structural steel cost estimation to casting and truss estimates. With our precise steel frame takeoff services, you can improve cost control by reducing waste and simplifying production.

What’s more? Our experts use cutting-edge digital tools and industrial practices to produce nothing less than accurate steel frame takeoffs. Allow your employees to focus on more critical activities. At the same time, we handle the construction estimation. Trust in our years of knowledge and experience to help you quickly achieve your construction goals.

Which Types of Materials Are Included in Our Estimations?

Our metals estimating services estimate various materials used in construction projects. It includes:

  • Girders made of steel
  • Anchors made of steel
  • Reviews and Fasteners
  • Channel sections and angles
  • I-beams and W-beams
  • Lintels
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Cleats
  • Sections that are constructed
  • Beams-IPE and IPN
  • Beams and columns made of steel
  • Flashing made of aluminum
  • Pipes made of HDPE
  • Drains à la française
  • Decorative ironwork
  • Plates for the foundation
  • Plates with gussets
  • Joists made of metal
  • Gratings made of steel
  • Framing a wall using studs
  • Decking made of metal
  • Metal stairwells and treads
  • Railings and handrails
  • Structure of a dome
  • Strips for noses
  • Beads on the corners
  • Ladder takeoffs
  • Fireproofing
  • Trusses made of steel
  • Doors made of hollow metal
  • Aluminum Frames and doors
  • Window sitters
  • Flashing made of copper

Our Estimation Services for Rebar and Structural Steel in Metal Construction

As a leading construction estimating service provider, we also offer metals estimating services for Rebar and structural steel, assisting construction companies in reducing the likelihood of outbidding and underbidding projects. Our experienced rebar estimators deliver precise and comprehensive estimations for material, accessories, and erection costs, enabling reliable Rebar and reinforcing steel takeoffs. Moreover, with the capability to handle projects of any size and complexity, our services extend to bridges, residential houses, commercial properties, industrial sites, infrastructure, culverts, retaining structures, wing walls, and more. We utilize 3D modeling technology for structural steel estimates to provide a clear picture of the extent of work, facilitating accurate cost estimates and project feasibility.

The deliverables for our Rebar estimating include the following:

  • Structure/Scope-based Bidding product code
  • Grade of steel (e.g., ASTM A108)
  • Appendix
  • Contract plans and figures
  • Takeoffs Quantities
  • Locations
  • Weight of Rebar
  • Codes for Structural Activity (SAC)
  • Codes of Parts (Rebar & wire mesh)
  • Sections of Reference

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The Software We Employ

We utilize industry-leading software to provide the most accurate and efficient construction estimating services possible. Our team relies on Planswift, ASA rebar estimating software, Soule software, RGS rebar, Tekla structure, AutoCAD, Rebar CAD, and ASA MicroStation software to generate precise cost estimates and project timelines. These cutting-edge software solutions enable us to integrate project specifications, material costs, labor expenses, and other critical data into our estimations.

Detailing Services for Rebar and Structural Steel

Federal Estimating provides you with top-of-the-line services for Rebar and structural steel detailing. Our team of experts uses industry-leading CAD software such as AutoCAD, Rebar CAD, ASA Microstation, and Tekla to create precise and comprehensive working drawings for complex construction projects.

We are the go-to provider for constructors, rebar fabricators, erectors, and installers who require detailed services that help their workers in reinforcing steel placement, leading to faster building structure completion. Our team has practical knowledge and experience in bar layouts, allowing us to create optimal bar bend or cut schedules that reduce waste and enhance efficiency.

Moreover, with decades of expertise and attention to detail, we guarantee the accuracy and simplicity of our drawings. Our detailed and easy-to-understand drawings genuinely reflect the actual structures, making them an indispensable resource for contractors and fabricators.

You can take advantage of our fast, accurate, and easy-to-follow drawings that can be completed in the shortest possible time by outsourcing your Rebar and structural details to us. On ACI, CRSI, AS, and BS enabling organizations, we provide CAD modeling and specifying services, including:

  • Detailing in Structural and Light Steel
  • Detailing of Steel Joists and Decks
  • Schedules for Bar Bending
  • Detailing of Precast Concrete
  • Detailing of Retaining Walls
  • BIM modeling for structures
  • Drawings for a Rebar Shop
  • Drawings of Rebar Positioning
  • Detailing using Rebar
  • Diagrams of Connections
  • Index of Drawings
  • Fitting Drawings for a Single Part
  • Detailing the Foundation
  • 3D Structural Modeling & 2D Drafting
  • Shop/Fabrication Drawings
  • Shear Wall Finishing
  • Stair Detailing in Concrete
  • Detailing of Footings
  • Detailing of Grade Beams
  • Detailing of Precast Masonry Stones
  • Connections General Arrangement/Erection Drawings


How do we ensure that the steel estimate services are accurate?

Federal Estimating employs Division 5 field expert estimators skilled in various steel and metalstud drywall estimation techniques to ensure the accuracy of steel estimate services. These estimators are assigned to carry out steel fabricating and steel frame erection takeoffs. The use of RSMeans, a comprehensive construction cost database, further enhances the accuracy of estimates by providing up-to-date cost information based on postal codes. Additionally, the attention to detail of our expert estimators ensures that all aspects of the project are considered in the estimation process, leading to accurate estimates for steel-related construction costs.

How long is it going to deliver you with a metal estimate?

We can provide a metal estimate within 24 to 48 hours, as our estimators are proficient in utilizing digital takeoff tools to provide quick and accurate estimations for construction projects.

How much does the FEDERAL Estimating charge for metal takeoffs?

Our pricing structure for metal estimates typically starts at $250, subject to the size and complexity of the project. However, the final cost may vary based on specific project requirements.

What does the metal estimation deliverables format?

The metal estimation deliverables format that we provide involves delivering estimates on EXCEL sheets with marked-up plans that adhere to the CSI Master Format, Uniformat, or any other format as specified by you. This format ensures that all line elements are structured logically and organized, allowing for easy comprehension and modification by our clients.


By outsourcing your metals estimating services to us, you can save both time and money, as our specialists will handle the entire estimation process efficiently and effectively.